Sore Tongue: Possible Explanations And Solutions

A common cause of having a sore tongue is simply rubbing: if the tip of the tongue is the most badly affected area, this can be a further indication that the tongue is rubbing against teeth. If the teeth are irregular and/ or have plaque located at the back of them, this increases the likelihood that friction will cause trauma to the tongue, and result in soreness.

Other reasons that can cause people to rub their tongue against their teeth can be:

  • Anxiety. Someone who is anxious may even be biting their tongue, causing further problems. This could be happening whilst asleep. Grinding teeth while asleep is also a common trait amongst anxious people.
  • Kissing. Passionate embraces can result in rubbing against someone else's teeth!
  • Tongue studs. These can cause irritation, inflammation and soreness to the tongue.
  • Poorly fitted dentures, which can also cause oral thrush infections.

Tips for dealing with a sore tongue

Check your tongue in the mirror for ulcers. Ulcers affect a significant number of people, and are often a sign of being run down. If you find that you are experiencing ulcers regularly, you should consult your doctor.

Drink lots of water. The tongue is a good indicator of various problems in our bodies, and one of the most common is simply lack of water. Try to limit the amount of caffeine and alcohol you consume, at least until you are properly rehydrated again.

Check you are taking essential vitamins and minerals. Ideally, these should naturally be present in our diets, but this is not always the case these days. It may be worth investing in some regular supplements.

If the pain is localised to one specific area, take some simple remedies or pain killers. If pain persists, see your doctor. If the soreness is all over your tongue, seek medical advice sooner. Your tongue may be inflammed, or you may be suffering from glossitis. You may need to be tested for allergies or vitamin deficiencies.

Embark on a rigorous oral hygiene routine, to include regular brushing of both teeth and tongue, and use of a reputable mouthwash.

If your tongue problems continue to persist, seek medical advice. Although it may seem a fairly trivial problem, the tongue is a reliable gauge of other problems in the body, and should not be ignored.